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Mobiles2Money does not itself buy or recycle Mobile Phones. We provide a 'price comparison' style service whereby you can find the best price being offered for a particular mobile phone by certain mobile phone recycling & buying companies.

Mobiles2Money is here to help you get the most money for your old mobile phone. We currently get the prices offered for old mobiles from 29 Mobile Phone Buying and Recycling companies. This in turn makes it easier for you to get the highest price for your particular mobile phone make and model.

The prices will vary considerably between phones and companies meaning that if Company A is paying the best price for a HTC P6500 , they might not necessarily pay the best price for a Samsung i600 , so it definitely pays to use our web site to find you the best offer price.

Of course, not all mobile phones can be sold. Older or less popular phones may not have any resale value. However, it is still possible to recycle these types of phones for FREE which means they can still be made use of. This is the best form of mobile phone disposal, so please don't just bin your phone.

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This Button means that you can Sell your mobile phone for cash or vouchers.

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This Button means that you can still Recycle your mobile phone for FREE.

Mobiles2Money Site Usage

We have tried to make Mobiles2Money as easy as possible to use. To sell or recycle your mobile phone, just follow these steps:

  • Find your Mobile Phone - use our search box or drop down boxes (top right), the phone make list (right) or browse by mobile phone manufacturers to find your exact make and model.
  • You will be presented with a number of offers for your Mobile Phone from the various Recycling companies. These will either be cash amounts or zero, which means your phone can only be recycled and is not worth any money.
  • Choose your offer and click on the relevant button.
  • You will be taken to the Recycling company's web site where you should read through all their Terms & Conditions and make sure you are happy with these before proceeding any further.
  • You will usually need to create an account with the Recycling company where you must fill in your personal and phone details.
  • Some Recycling companies will also offer Shop Vouchers as a cash alternative (usually to a higher value) so you need to decide whether you want vouchers or cash for your mobile.
  • You will usually be sent a Padded Envelope to post your mobile phone off in although if the phone can only be recycled, you may need to supply your own envelope but the postage will be paid for by the Recycling company. If you are posting a phone of value, we recommend you use either Royal Mail Recorded or Special Delivery, depending on the actual value. Please also check what the Recycling company require you to send - some require the phone only, some phone and battery and some phone, battery amd charger - always check before posting! Even if it is a Freepost address, we recommend taking it to the Post Office and adding Recorded Delivery to it for peace of mind.
  • Sit back and wait for the cash!

All phone offer prices displayed are for Working Handsets. If your mobile is broken you may still get cash for it! Just click through to the Recycling Companies as normal and they will let you choose from a Working on Non-Working handset and adjust the phone offer price accordingly.

Mobiles2Money User Ratings & Reviews

We are also trying to build up User Reviews for all the Recycling Companies that are available from our site, so if you have used one to sell or trade in your mobile phone then we and all our other users would greatly appreciate a quick review or rating of the company you used. The Reviews & Ratings for each company are displayed under the details of each of the Mobile Phones, or you can access them by clicking on the Recycler's logo below.

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Mobile Cash Mate

Mobile Cash Monster

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Money For Your Phone




O2 Recycle

Phone Recycle Bank

Phone Recyclers

Phones 2 Pounds

Recycle Ur Phone

Royal Mail Simply Drop

RPC Recycle


Top Dollar Mobile



Mobiles2Money Needs You!

If you have found Mobiles2Money has helped yout to get the most money for your mobile phone handset, we'd love you to spread the word about our site. Whether you just tell your friends or colleagues or are able to post a link to our site on your own site or on any forums or message boards you may use, it all helps us to help you. The more visitors we get, the more money they can make and the less handsets will end up in landfill!

Our catalogue of phones currenty stands at 4367 as of Wednesday, 20 October 2021

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